Treats should be healthy and nutritious not just empty calories.  Find a yummy treat that is made in the USA!

Every day is a great day to play!  Dogs enjoy a simple game of tug or a more challenging puzzle toy.  Find a fun toy for your best friend!



Wearable and fashionable are two important considerations when picking out a collar or a carrying bag for your best friend!

Ask any dog lover and they will quickly tell you their dog is not "just a dog" its a member of their family!  We wholeheartedly agree!

We carefully source all products available in our store to make sure they are healthy for your dog, friendly to our earth and made in the USA!  Paws & Refresh values your business and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us!

A well groomed dog is a great smelling, good looking and snuggable lovable best friend you be proud to have by your side!


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